Happy Holiday Peppermint Bark

(quick & simple version)

1 pkg organic dark chocolate chips (or gluten free if preferred)

1 pkg organic white chocolate peppermint chips 

1 lg (or 4 mini) organic candy canes (NO red dyes/NO corn syrup- organic is usually naturally colored with fruits and veggies)

Items needed: 

-double boiler or a small pan

-2 hot proof dishes to set on top of pan 

-cookie tray

-sheet of waxed paper

-1 baggie 

Boil water in pan/double boiler. Add white chocolate chips to one dish. Dark chocolate chips in other dish. Place sheet of waxed paper on cookie tray. Put white chocolate chips on top of pan with boiling water. Stir with spatula until melted. Spread white chocolate on waxed paper. Repeat same steps with dark chocolate chips. Spread melted dark chocolate mixture on top of the white chocolate. You can use a toothpick to swirl chocolates for pretty look. Unwrap candy canes and put in baggie and smash to small bits. Then sprinkle candy cane bits on top. Put in fridge until bark is hardened and you can break into pieces! Enjoy!!! This is a great homemade gift, or festive treat to serve or have handy during the holidays. 

Let me know below how you enjoyed the recipe!

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