Not Just A Quinoa Salad!


Eating for taste as much as for a healthy body is something I love to choose and share with others.  I will be discussing more Intentional eating in my book coming out this Spring 2020.  Instead of the recipe, I will list ingredients and some potential health benefits.

Quinoa-Gluten Free, high in protein,, adequate amounts of all 9 essential amino acids, fiber, magnesium, B vitamins, phosphorus, vitamin E, calcium, potassium, etc.

Red Cabbage-helps lower high blood pressure, digestion, prostrate skin, reduce risk of cancer, rich in potassium

Red Bell Peppers-vitamins C & B6, folate, antioxidant, helps with night vision

Parsley-inflammation, immune system, reduce risk of cancer and other diseases, prostrate, skin, digestion, etc.

Asparagas-fiber, folate, vitamins A,C, & K, healthy pregnancy, weight loss, digestion, lower blood pressure

Pumpkin Seeds- antioxidant, prostrate and bladder health, magnesium, heart health, lower blood sugar levels, high in fiber, etc

Olive Oil-antioxidant, good fat for brain health, heart health, etc.

Avocado-vitamins C,E, K, & B6, riboflavin, magnesium, potassium, beta-carotene, omega-3 fatty acids, niacin, provides lutein, etc.

Ume Plum Vinegar-alkaline food, helps reduce cancer risk, digestion, detox, helpful with morning sickness, etc

Lemon Juice-vitamin C, weight loss, kidney stones, digestion, heart health, antibacterial, etc

Paprika-skin hair, heart health, anti-inflammatory, etc

Garlic Powder-parasites/intestinal worms, heart and circulatory system, lower cholesterol, etc.

Cayenne Powder-reduce hunger, lower blood pressure, digestion, pain relief, etc.

When you prepare food with Love and Intention, you are benefitting everyone you feed and yourself.  Every single one of these ingredients can help add longevity to your life while keeping you healthy and away from medical drugs that have so many side effects, you end up hooked in a loop of side effects and worse symptoms than just choosing to eat healthier, be happier, and give love.  Life is very simple and we have complexed it so much, that many of us have lost touch with our own innate sense of what is truly good for us and what is just convenient and deal with it later in shock and sorrow.

It costs us much more to try to fix all the damage we do by choosing ways to eat and feed our souls that are not supporting a happy and healthy life.  Some say it costs too much to buy organic, or eat healthy, and I beg to differ.  It costs too much NOT to eat healthy and avoid pesticides, toxins, GMO’s, etc.  Not every diet or food is medicine to every one the same way it may be for another.

I truly believe we all know what works best for us individually, and some just need support, reminders, and to be held accountable to our choices and made aware of the consequences.

We all have our own journeys and paths to follow and some get lost along the way, or have lost touch with what is supportive and healthy for us, and that is where I can meet with you and help point you back in the right direction for you.  Everyone deserves love and support and someone on their side, believing in them and empowering them to BE their best version of themselves and live the happiest and healthiest life they can.  There is no dress rehearsal, no take overs, do overs, this is IT!!!  Now, right this minute, is the time to take a stand for YOU!!!

Connect with me and we can set up a FREE health consultation, so we can work together to get the results and goals you want to move forward and have the best life you can!! And to raise happy and healthy families that love and respect and honor each other and themselves.  We can all help make the world a better place by starting with empowering ourselves with the informed knowledge we need to keep making the best and healthiest choices for us.

Check out my website, or private message me or send me an email…let’s get this ripple effect started and living with energy, excitement, and empowerment to create and design our BEST LIFE!!

My best-

Antoinette Rascon

as always, the legal need for a disclaimer: I am not a licensed doctor, although I can suggest I have studied more about nutrition that what is required in Medical School. As most Universities and Colleges to get your Medical Degrees in are funded and backed by the Big Pharmacuetical Companies, so they are taught how to prescribe medications instead of HEAL the body at the source.  I have combined all my years of experience, studying, courses, training under and with many healers, and being my own families’ ‘witch doctor’ healing my own and others who have come to me over decades.

BUTT-back to the disclaimer…for legal purposes I have to tell you that none of what I wrote about above for health benefits may even be true and please don’t hold me accountable for your choices or any information given above. 

I am here as a service to promoting a healthier modal for our Health Care System. I believe our bodies were made perfectly as Mother Nature, or your God, or the Universe intended.  We are divine beings, until man-made poisons and chemical toxins are injected and ingested and so many medical procedures done to disrupt Mother Nature’s divine plan. Our bodies are made to heal themselves and some of us surrendered and got lost along the way, for many different reasons and beliefs and its all ok. 

We just have to stick together to make sure that it is ok, that we are each and every one of us individual and ok to be who we choose to be. (as long as we are not causing harm and damage to others or ourselves-all within reason)…yet, we all honor each other and our human rights and freedom to make choices for our own health.

It becomes a stand for our Constitutional Rights to remain intact, along with our human rights to follow our own belief system.  I beg of each of you, to surrender to LOVE over FEAR.

The government, Big Corporations, (like Big Pharma-#1 evil drug dealers in the World—way worse than any Cartel movie you can see!, Monsanto-destroying our food and seeds, and chemically poisoning every area of the World they can, The Gates agenda, 5G tech, FB’s Zuckerberg taking over our Freedom of Speech, censoring truth, and manipulating minds, and many others who are on the trail of trying to manipulate the masses through fear and lies and complete control.)

I may sound like a Conspiracy Theorist, yet, we ALL know this world is not as safe as we would like it and many vote and decide out of FEAR as opposed to LOVE and FAITH. (whatever FAITH you may believe and trust in).

We have to restore our World to being a safe, happy, and healthy place, not just for ourselves and our immediate families….we need to leave this world a better place than when we arrived. It is our duty to our children’s children.  THEY DESERVE TO LIVE IN A WORLD OF FREEDOM.

Next time you hear a story on the news (which is bought out and controlled by all these horrible agendas), THINK!!!  Get to a feeling of love and choose from that place and you may find that it would be a different choice.  We can all stick together and still honor our individualities without it effecting who we are and what we believe in.

Namaste!! (I bow to the divine in YOU). As I was taught, my light honors your light!

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