Additional Services

In addition to my 6 month coaching program I offer, I have a list of Additional Services available, along with personalized workshops. The list includes and is not limited to your needs, if you have special requests please feel free to contact me:

  • Pantry/Refrigerator Makeover~ I will meet at your home in an informal fashion and go over your Pantry and Refrigerator to help you learn how to read and understand labels, and implement simple changes to your choices. (virtual, is available)
  • Supermarket Tour~ best in person, we meet at a grocery store and walk through aisles learning best and easiest ways to shop and have healthy options available to help support healthier eating, choices, and meal plans, what to look for and be aware of, and help reading labels
  • Meal Prep Session~ideas in kitchen, how to stretch meal and get more out of your time and efforts
  • Better Sleep Bedroom Makeover~I come to your home and help set up your bedroom for Sleep Success! (could be virtual)
  • House Blessings~whether you are selling a home with emotional attachment or moving into a new home or needing a cleansing to your home
  • Detox your home from highly toxic chemicals you may not even be aware of-effecting you and your families’ health.
  • Individual sessions to help heal past emotions connected to your body illnesses. Help heal the emotions that are underlying and not allowing for optimal health. And assist in helping you set necessary boundaries to support your well being.
  • Look for or request classes on: -fermentation, holistic body products, non-toxic home cleaners, meal prep cooking classes, etc
  • Ear candling, Cupping, Oracle Card readings, meditation, and self care sessions available
  • You may use sessions purchased individually or in a package to add to your 6 month program for extra sessions or double your session time.
  • Other topics include:

Healthy Birth Choices~empowering Mom & Dad with informed healthy choices, writing your birth plan, book recommendations, what to look for and beware of, and any controversial issues you may be questioning or wanting more information on for raising a happy and healthy baby, children, family!

Contact me to set up an appointment or for requests or questions.

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