What are your cravings telling you?

What are you craving? Sweets? Chocolate? Salty chips? A glass of wine? A warm cup of coffee? A smoke? 

   There are so many different cravings we have. What do you do? Do you give in to your cravings? Do you resist the craving? Do you give in just a little bit? Or do you GO FOR IT? After you’ve emptied the bag of chips or downed the box of cookies—how do you feel? Are you satisfied or do you feel even worse?

   Do you crave sweets? Then eat something sweet and still not feel fulfilled? Does what you feed your craving match your true need?  Maybe you are craving more ‘sweetness’ in your life.  Not just the cookie, maybe you need a hug? or to feel loved and appreciated?

   A lot of times, we may not be aware of what we are truly craving. Do you stop to look at what your body, heart, or mind may be needing?  

   Do you sometimes turn to sex, to ‘feel’ loved and maybe still end up feeling empty afterward?

   There’s many ways our body, mind, and heart speak to us. Sometimes we may be too busy to listen. Or even worse, so out of touch with our own needs that we aren’t even aware of what we need? Or have we ignored it for so long, that it has manifested in louder ways with health concerns?

   Next time you are judging yourself-before or after a craving hits-STOP!! Be more aware of what the craving may truly be?  A little deeper than just something sweet, salty, or caffeine.

   When you become more aware of your cravings, and then what the message or need may be, it becomes easier to make choices to support your true needs.

   A lot of times, the need for SELF CARE can be a root cause. Being in touch is the first step. Making new, supportive choices becomes easier.  Options become more plentiful.

   Instead of a cup of coffee or sugar bar, maybe a quick nap would help boost your energy without the crash that follows. Instead of ice cream, maybe a piece of fresh, seasonal fruit? Instead of salty chips, try some nuts or pumpkin seeds. (Your body may be needing more micronutrients-minerals and vitamins). Instead of empty sex, maybe a hug and some affection, or even a massage?  Instead of TV before bed or being on a media device, maybe read a book or write in a journal?

   Sometimes there may be more underlying issues that may take some time and small steps to help implement changes to the years of habits. Remember:

~Be aware of cravings

~Wonder at what may be an underlying need?

~Allow yourself room for growth

~Small steps help make change more lasting and attainable

~Journal about it, if that helps

~If you get off track, tomorrow’s a new day!

~When our body talks~~LISTEN!

For more support~contact me today for a FREE health consultation.  These 50 minutes spent will be THE beginning of a healthier and happier YOU!!!

What do you crave? And what are your thoughts about this broad topic? What are a few tweaks you can make to help you honor your body and feel good while doing so? 

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