Slow Down!

Slow Down!  Too busy to enjoy life? Too busy to eat healthy?  Do you wish you had more time?

   Nowadays we are so busy, we don’t even know how to slow down.  Even our children’s schedules are so full-we need colored markers for everyone’s daily schedules.

   When’s the last time you actually stopped and smelled a rose?  Oh boy…they smell delicious!  I remember as a kid, with my brothers and sister, picking roses all the way home from school and trying to make perfume with them.

   Our kids barely walk around the block anymore.  Some kids may have never even smelled a rose before?

   It feels like there’s just not enough time for much of anything.  People automatically go to cliches like “time flies’, ‘I don’t have enough time”, “there’s not enough time in the day”, etc.  We’ve all used plenty of these words.

   Our relationship to time has suffered. Back in the day-people had to plant, sow, and harvest their own food to even cook it.  There were way more responsibilities needed to just survive daily life and each season.

   Now we hire gardeners for the yard, Uber drivers for our kids, tutors to help with children’s homework, stop at fast junk food for our meals, and pick up our laundry from the cleaners.

   So, where has the time gone? Could it be more of a choice and mindset?  Don’t we still have the same 24 hours a day? (since the beginning of ‘time’-literally).

   I believe we can start taking back ‘OUR TIME’ with simple, little steps that may take practice and mind setting. (without clearing our schedules). Although, as we start re-learning how to enjoy our time, we may start to prioritize what is truly important in our lives and what is not so necessary and may be more of a time-drainer.  We can visit that later, after you’ve gained back your time.

   A few tips:

~Biggest tip of all*-BE IN THE MOMENT!-being in the moment, helps you feel like you’ve got time. If you are in the shower-enjoy your shower. Don’t use that time to worry about other things or to start your To-Do list.

~If you are driving your kids to school, don’t be on the phone or have the radio/news on.  BE there-IN THE MOMENT with the kids.  Commutes and traffic can be so much less stressful if you’re playing Rubber Ducky, or I Spy, or the License Plate game with your kids.  OR-if you all love music and sing together-enjoy that.

~Very importantly-when you are eating-BE IN THE MOMENT!  No media devices-EVER- at meals.  Especially if you are eating with family and others.  Enjoy your food and your company.  These are the moments that will last a life time and teach your kids to build lifelong family moments when they matter the most.  Not only does this help build better relationships, it also helps with digesting food.

~Have a To-Do list, if you please, yet give yourself room to check things off that  are must-dos, 2-3 a day.  The rest can go on tomorrow’s list.

~Have one day a week, where you take time off! Family Fun Day, or Self Care Day, or Date Day (w/loved ones) or just Stay at Home Day.  Honor yourself, your family, and your work.

   My father always told me:

 Work Hard!

 Play Hard!

 Pray Hard!

Each day, even if just for a moment, take time for you. Enjoy a cup of tea, read for 10 minutes, walk around the block, or just sit down and meditate.

   Balance is key and these are very simple, easy steps to help you gain your time back.

   As you start to experience it, you will cherish it more, and begin to honor your time and make adjustments along the way.

   We all have 24 hours a day! It’s just how we use it and look at it!

   And please….take time to stop and smell the roses! It’s a treat!

Please share how you use your time to help support a happy life?

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