The Journey Begins

Good health doesn’t have to be hard! Once you learn small little ways to add in better choices and easier meal planning, eating healthy is as easy as eating fast food and you’ll feel and look much better!!  I can help you set up small, easy steps to moving toward a more energetic and healthier lifestyle.  We can slow down enough for you to be able to stop and smell the roses and enjoy the JOURNEY!!  Life is what you make it and so let’s make it the best you can imagine!

Let’s start with SLEEP….good, quality sleep. I have an entire program available to help you with a Good-Sleep Bedroom Makeover and ways to improve your health starting with a good night’s sleep.  I will give you a few reasons why sleep is your friend!

Good, quality sleep helps with better digestion, balancing your hormones, losing weight, better overall health, and many other benefits for living the best life you deserve! Some have a hard time getting to sleep, some have a harder time staying asleep and some just have a hard time with sleep all across the board!

3 tips:

1-Put away the screen time at least 2 hours before you go to bed. (that means the computer, cell phone, iPad, TV, and anything else with a light.)

2-Don’t eat past 7pm. Especially not a big meal.

3-That glass of wine, may seem like it helps get you to sleep, but it interrupts your sleep patterns more than you’d guess.

oh my…this topic is just so special to me-I’ll throw in one more bonus tip!!! IF you (or your child or anyone) has a hard to settling into sleep, a great suggestion if counting sheep-which would be close to meditation-doesn’t work…. In your mind, start going over your day backwards from this very moment and down the time line from then to as far as you can go in very detailed format.  This not only gets you to sleep faster, if is also doing some good brain work ahead of time to get you to a deeper sleep faster.

These are just small tweaks to help start better sleep habits.  Most people don’t realize how important and connected your sleep is to living a healthy life, better health, and having more energy, with more balanced moods, leading to healthier choices throughout the day.

Here’s to sweet dreams and happier days!

I used to believe that “I could sleep all I wanted when I was dead” and wanted to use as much of my time doing ‘life’! It took me several years, and three children later, and lots of self work to realize I was not doing my body or mental health a favor with that attitude toward sleep.  Sleep is now my friend and I notice how much better I feel when I get good quality sleep. I also notice when I don’t get sleep, I get headaches, lack of energy, quite grumpy, and make unhealthy choices throughout my day-to name a few.

Please comment below what your relationship to sleep is?

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