Fear is real.  We all experience it at different levels and for infinite reasons.  Some fears help guide us to making safe choices and survival.  Sometimes fear can cripple us to a devastating result, that may be worse than what we fear.  Death is associated with fear on the deepest levels.  This past almost two years, we have seen severe examples of fear on almost every level and on all sides of the spectrum.

Some folks are scared to catch a disease and die, or lose family members.  Others are scared to lose their human freedoms and basic rights.  They feel the right to breathe oxygen is something that no one else has control over.  Some people believe shooting manmade concoctions into their blood without any liability on the ones profiting from the drugs, is way more fearful than just getting sick. Others think taking the shot will save them and others. Sadly the irrational part of it all is that most end up getting the virus they are so scared of contracting in the first place.  Then, all thinking skills go out the window, when they are now bullied and forced into taking more and more shots that didn’t work the first and second time. Others are so fearful they push their fears on others, no matter how irrational it may be.

As we have witnessed, fear can cause people to lose all rational and critical thinking skills and submit to a level of fear that makes no sense.  I read a definition of fear as an uneasiness of mind, upon the thought of future evil likely to befall us.  Both sides of the spectrum may feel the same exact way for opposite reasons. So, we have to acknowledge that fear is real. Fear can make you do things you normally would never consider.  Fear can also have you endanger yourself and your family, if you lose your thinking skills and common sense.

When you add propaganda, blind faith, and mind-control inducing deeper levels of conscious and unconscious fear, creating a huge wave of believers, this can be dangerous.  Add in loss of critical thinking skills, and we have a huge problem.  Judgements and expectations take way and freedoms and acceptance is kicked to the side.

In the past, for the most, people’s fears, rational or irrational, were normally left to the person to deal with.  We didn’t push our own opinions on others, as much as now. The mob mentality has taken over many portions of the world. Luckily, the opposition has also been sparked and people are standing in their power, truth, and strength because they have taken the time to question the agenda being pushed. They’ve researched behind the propaganda machines, and have a greater fear of losing their rights and freedoms, and need to protect them families from this FEAR INDUCING agenda at hand.  They have looked at the true science and listened to doctors, scientists, and experts in many fields, and connected the dots enough to allow the fear that is being manipulated to dissipate, and are now using a healthier fear to push them into survival mode.  People are now using their fear to empower themselves and offering to help others soothe their own fears. 

Once we empower ourselves with knowledge, stop believing what others want us to believe, and stop buying the fears being thrown at us, we can pause and look at issues and situations in a more productive light.  Truth can set us FREE!!!  Free from the fears in our minds.  If we focused more on our hearts, and what we want, we will move through our fears with grace and empowerment.  If we focus on what we don’t want, we just create more of the same.

Fear is an emotion, and we can choose to let our emotions control us, or we can decide to empower ourselves with enough information, to help us settle into truth, and know that we are free to choose.  When equipped with knowledge, it is harder to throw out our critical thinking skills and let emotions control us to our own demise.

There are tons of acronyms for the word FEAR.  The one I grew up hearing the most was: F*@k Everything And Run.  I’ve also heard: False Emotions Appearing Real.  We get to choose our own perceptions and beliefs, and I choose to be empowered every chance I take.  My favorite acronym for FEAR is Face Everything And Rise.

We have to keep in mind, whether we are role models for our own children, others’ children, our spouses, family, friends, co-workers, or community, that our behaviors and choices are our legacy in this very short life we have been blessed with.  Let’s all lead by example, and if we have a fear that is difficult to handle, educate yourself enough to feel better, and a lot of times, that means finding others who aren’t in fear mode and asking for help or guidance in the right direction.

The more we can UNITE and stand together, the stronger we become as a community, and influence our future generations to keep making this World we live in a better place for our children’s children. Let’s keep our fears in check and not let them control us to wrong decision making.  Let’s focus on what we want and ways to get there.  Small steps to a bigger picture is just one choice at a time.  Let’s leave this world a better place than when we got here.

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