Is Your Fear of Dying, Preventing You From Living?

5 Strategies to Survive 2021



2020 was a rough year for many  and 2021 hasn’t lightened the load for several.  How is it that some have died, either literally or figuratively speaking and others have thrived?  What is the difference? As humans, we are run by two emotions: LOVE & FEAR.  We are either making decisions from a fear-based mentality or from love.  Love is fueled by our hearts and intuition and “all-knowing’, faith based belief system.  Those who believe good always wins over evil, have a much easier time digesting the fear based propaganda that has been jammed down our throats. When fear grips your mind and body, it is paralyzing.  Whether you are fearful you will die from some virus or disease, or fearful you will die from the government forcing poisons in your body, it is still FEAR controlling you.  Our mental health is at risk.

Suicide rates have been increasing, people are living in a defensive and highly agitated state of mind, and so many are feeling isolated, alone, and scared.  Living in a perpetual fearful state is not conducive to a strong and healthy immune system.  A strong immune system helps shield health problems. 

Several clients, family, and friends have asked me how they can support themselves during this time.  Especially when they are feeling low, and not so powerful and wanting to give in to the pressures being forced on us to give up rights and choices.

I have a 5 Step Strategy Plan to help fight off fear and help you start living a happy and healthy life full of love.

1- Conviction.  Being completely clear on your convictions and standing firm in your moral beliefs.  I’m not saying not being open to research and information and re-learning things you may be ready to see other perspectives on.  I am talking about our important priorities in life that are non-negotiables.  

2-Critical Thinking.  These days its been made so easy to just obey and believe what the media and propaganda is telling you from every possible outlet reaching you.  Whether it is on the news, social media, political and celebrity persuasion, billboards, side of the freeway amber alert signs, or wherever possible, this is the very time to do your own THINKING!!!  To do your own research, and I don’t mean google a question.  The answers are censored and only one sided.  Digging deeper and trying to make sense of things, from a heartfelt and informed perspective.  Too many schools, colleges, universities, jobs, corporations, and businesses have been infiltrated and are now on payroll to push agendas and teach what they want you to learn and think.  Time to question authority and information pushed so forcefully that doesn’t make sense.

3-Breathing Exercises.  Breath work is calming, cleans and detoxes the body, releases stress and anxiety and can help re-focus your intentions.  The easiest and simple way to do this:

To the count of 7, breathe in through your nose.  Hold to the count of 7. Release through your mouth, to the count of 7.  Seven times in a row.  You can do this all day long, especially in heightened sense of stress and anxiety or confusion, frustration, sadness, anger…

4- Spiritual Connection.  I didn’t start with this as number one for several reasons.  I have never been a ‘religious’ person.  I have explored several religions, taught my children World Religions while homeschooling, and searched for my deepest spiritual connection for years.  I have remained in faith of goodness and karma and doing unto others how I want to be treated.  I have also observed and formed judgements against certain religious people who I believed were in complete hypocritical misalignment.  And, as with any entity, including our children’s private school I adored for years, there is plenty infiltration and hypocrisy that is not in alignment with the mission and belief systems that were in place.  With that expressed, I now see the major importance to have a faith-based belief system in whatever way feels best for each individual.  I strongly believe we are in a Spiritual War at this time.  It is not about any of the news-based, fear induced divide we are seeing with every single issue they can muster up.  During this entire  “plandemic”, spirituality has been attacked.  Churches were closed while strip clubs, bars, casinos, drug houses were essential.  That is NO COINCIDENCE at all.  That is part of the plan and agenda and intentional in the game they are playing.  When religion and beliefs are attacked and outlawed, it is time to use our critical thinking and wonder what this is all about?  The church is also divided from within.  Many pastors and leaders have succumbed to Big Government and abandoned their people and their God.  The messages have been compromised and the true leaders have lead throughout this nonsense and supported their people with strength and conviction.  My desire to be more connected to my spirituality, faith, and surrendering to a higher power of GOODNESS has birthed from this craziness going on.  I am now feeling more empowered in myself to have faith and belief in a Higher Power and surrendering my ego and pride to allow myself and my family to grow spiritually and be open to relearning and rethinking what we had formed our belief system around.  This is time to get connected to a community that will surround you with love and strength.  It’s our choice to stand on the GOOD or evil side, and that is what all this has boiled down to.  Not a political party, not a color of skin, not a police or criminal, not vakksinated or not, nothing more than GOOD or evil.  LOVE or fear. 

5-Empower yourself and family.  All this time at home, has given us all the opportunity to bond deeply with each other, and strengthen our family bonds. Whatever your fear is, work on strengthening yourself to empower you to stand tall and strong. If getting sick is your fear, get healthy.  Eat right, exercise, meditate, pray, and get good, quality sleep.  If losing your rights to medical freedoms, or choices, study and learn your options and rights. Learn the Constitution and Bill of Rights and what they mean and represent for you. For my family, we never wanted guns around, not even toy guns for our kids.  Now, we have hired a gun trainer to teach us safety and more about our Right to Bear Arms and protect ourselves.  We’re now having family gun days at the firing range, so we all know safety and how to handle guns.  We’ve created a huge garden, to be able to feed ourselves and grow our own food in case there ever was a shortage.  We are equipping and empowering ourselves and others that allow us to stand strong and solid in our beliefs, convictions, and have faith that we will be just fine, if not even better than ever! Our homeschooling has been geared more toward teaching survival and more history to learn from the past and know what type of future we want to create.  We have gathered groups and connected on deep levels, with like minded folks. I have hosted several gatherings and potlucks throughout the past year and a half, full of information, and sharing and eating and being together to join as a tribe.  This has helped so many souls find their way and remain more hopeful and less isolated and lonely.  I shopped for several clients, have helped so many sick get stronger and healthy, and have been of service to those I could help out in ways needed.  Staying connected, hugging, loving, laughing, bonding, sharing information and making differences in every way possible has helped strengthen us to the core.

I can’t say 2020 and 2021 have been easy.  I can say we have learned so much and seen the true colors of people we had in our lives that weren’t so healthy and those who stood strong and solid. We’ve seen truth and the light and have been safe and protected throughout all of this.  We are thriving in a very dark time.  And I truly believe those 5 Strategies have been our saving grace.  We have healed and learned what is truly important in our lives.  We know our priorities more than ever before. We have love and strength and community that has our backs.  We also have people who have turned on us and went a bit loony in the sense that they could NOT honor a lifelong relationship over an opinion.  And that, has also been a blessing, no matter how painful some of that journey was.  In the long run, I’d rather know who truly loves and honors and respects our relationship more than a fleeting opinion.

If I were to add one more point to this list, it would be to be able to learn from every experience and see the rainbow at the end of the storm. Remember, GOOD will always prevail over the evil.

2 thoughts on “Is Your Fear of Dying, Preventing You From Living?

  1. Antoinette, this was so beautifully expressed, so meaningful, so real, but simple to understand. Very proud of who and what you have become. You have a “purpose” in life and you are definitely reaching that purpose in a very effective and deeply committed direction. Love you!

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