Shedding Protocol

With all the craziness going on in the world, so many folks are coming to me wondering how they can protect themselves and their loved ones from all the whaccine shedding coming from those who chose the jab. As we know from the other shots, once a person has had a whaccine, they are now shedding their disease all over everyone they come in contact with. They are now shedding the disease they are trying to prevent.

The perfect example of this, is the flu shot. Almost everyone I know usually gets sick as soon as they receive the shot. They are also shedding the virus up to two weeks after the shot. So, basically, shedding means ‘they’ are contagious.

The way this movement is so mass and bribery and coercion and pure manipulation has so many in a frenzy, these folks don’t even realize the harm they are causing by not quarantining themselves for approximately two weeks after partaking in the toxic poison. Those who have researched for themselves and choose NOT to whaccinate themselves, are coming to me concerned with ways to protect themselves and boost their immune systems.

The most ironic part of it all, is that the ones who are lining up for this shot, were the same ones shaming others to stay home and mask up to ‘protect others’, and now they are potentially infecting and possibly killing others. I understand my assertions are quite direct and judgemental, yet there should be a very strong warning for those taking this toxic cocktail, to stay home and quarantine to help protect others, especially our elderly and pregnant woman.

There have been several cases of pregnant women having miscarriages immediately following the jab. There are also so many that can now have magnets stick to their body parts. And, although they deny it to the grave-literally-there have been thousands who have died immediately following the shot. Given these ‘warp speed’ shots have not had appropriate time to be properly and thoroughly tested, we also don’t have enough real science to know exactly what in these cocktails, what all the ingredients are, and agendas in place. Therefore, my best advice is to boost the immune system and prevent damage from spike protein and derivatives from the whaccines and for viral shedding.

Shikimate or shikimic acid are known to help neutralize spike protein. Drinking star anise or fennel tea, along with Pine Needle tea contain these powerful ingredients and can help with the spike protein.

I’d boost the Gut Flora by eating as much fermented foods as possible. Adding probiotics and digestive enzymes will also help with Gut Health. I’d also add zinc, vitamins C and D3, Quercetin, NAC, iodine, milk thistle, nettle, and charcoal. As always, do what works best for you and when adding supplements, check with your physician. And remember most doctors don’t get trained in health, nature’s supplements, and nutrition. So be careful when discussing healthy alternatives. They have been trained to prescribe DRUGS. Most doctors are puppets to Big Pharma and prosper in pushing drugs. It helps keep business flowing if people remain sick. Customers for life.

A holistic doctor, naturopath, homeopath, or chiropractor can be a good source to healthier choices. Of course, exercise, being out in nature, emotional wellbeing, breathing oxygen (NOT carbon dioxide), hugging and socializing also contribute to overall balanced health. Consuming less sugar and the least amount of processed foods can help promote better health and a stronger immune system.

And for anyone who is questioning the whaccine, just know, without a doubt there are several protocols and treatments for the overrated virus. Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine have had outstanding results. I can say personally and without a doubt. There are several protocols to ward off the big bad bug. Risking your life and your children’s lives on a poisonous jab like this would not be my choice.

*disclaimer: None of these statements have been proven to nor are directed to take place of your doctor and your own decision making. I offer my experience, research, and opinion to help save lives and future pain. Because of our loss of rights in America and the harsh censorship going on at this time, I have to resort to foolish code names, and I still risk being deleted by mentioning treatments that have worked…just think about that!?

5 thoughts on “Shedding Protocol

  1. Great information… thank you for sharing!!

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  2. claudia stackle May 28, 2021 — 6:41 pm

    Thank you! Your knowledge is appreciate it. Thank you for your commitment to protect the human race.🙏

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  3. As yet, resistance to this assault on humanity is very weak, and unlike the unwilling victims of Doctor Mengele at Auschwitz, the victims of Doctor Fauci are very strangely compliant and willing to have their lives destroyed, even willing to sacrifice their children in the process.


    1. Absolutely true!!! Thank you for reading.


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