Who’s Responsible for Your Health, Anyway?

With all this crazy going on right now, this question is up for debate with some folks.  Some believe the entire world is responsible for our individual health, some believe it is all the President’s fault, some blame it on China, and others point the finger at horrible people (Bill Gates and his gang) who profit off of their drugs, vaccines, and agendas, while others believe the tech industry with their 5G rollouts happening while everyone is locked up is part of it, and still others scientifically look at combinations of effects, like glyphosate used in roundup, e-cigs, our food supply, and biofuel are aiding to those not recovering.  There are so many other fingers pointing in so many other directions and combinations of ideas.

Yet, my post today is not to be as political as much as trying to help empower each of us to take back what it is we CAN control right now. With so many of our Constitutional and Human Rights stripped from us at this time, it is hard to feel in control of anything.  We can be empowered with our own choices. We can take responsibility for our own health, and boost our immunity in more ways than just supplements and eating properly. My hope is to offer some tools to add to your toolbox and empower and support as many as possible who feel the need at this time, and make lifelong and lasting changes that help insure balanced living.

This is a great awakening for our Health at large.  We are all in this together and now realize how much bad health habits effect the entire world.  Before this, I would actually see people leave the public restroom without washing their hands and be so disgusted. I would see well meaning parents teach their kids to cough into their hands, and then touch everything with all those germs. (as opposed to coughing in the bend of your elbow and arms). So many people who were dependent on doctors and prescriptions an drugs are now seeing they are living without so much dependency. (I am not speaking of the terminally ill nor the immune compromised and people with diseases already.)

The shift is here and we have the power to take full control of ourselves and what we take from this madness and how we will be prepared from here on out.  Maybe eat cleaner and make better choices with food, maybe workout more and be more fit and in shape, maybe be more financially fit and prepared, or whatever your individual needs are.

One thing I do know, is we can never ever be fully prepared for something as insane as this going on today.  Yet, we can always start today in this moment and go from there.  I have 7 Tips on Ways to Boost Your Immune System, yet there are so many more ways and things to do.  And we are all individual and have different circumstances and are bio-individual. Sure, there are tons of supplements and tips on what works, what has already healed those with the virus, and what the government won’t acknowledge nor allow, due to there being no profit in it for them.

I am NOT a licensed doctor with lots of initials behind my name, so this is no way intended to heal nor prescribe any cure or guarantee anything I say will or can work for you.  I am a licensed Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, a mother of three very healthy children, who believes in and studied for decades on health, healing, and what works to keep my family healthy, happy, and out of the hospitals.  I’ve taken courses that study healing cancer through nutrition and lifestyle at Gerson Institute, I’ve taken courses in Ayurveda, certified in Bio-Reprogramming, workshops at the Chopra Center, and years more of courses, workshops, events, and exposure to as many modals as I can to have a balanced and strong foundation in what I feel works best for my family, clients, and folks I support on their journeys.

Many studies are circulating at this time about ways to improve your possibility of avoiding the virus, and also ways to boost your immune system to fight it and recover fully, if you did happen to get infected.

One study I found interesting is by a senior research scientist at MIT, Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D special to JenniferMargulis.net. She wrote a great article on the study of glyphosate exposure in people and lower recovery rate. To sum it all up, she advised a certified, organic diet and avoiding major highways to be the best tools for protection from an acute reaction to covid-19. 

Dr. Eric Napute, in St. Louis, Missouri has had great luck with quinine and zinc helping his clients.  Others say vitamin C works wonders.  As we all know, vitamins and minerals are important to our bodies’ health, and much of our food supply is depleted of those natural ingredients these days from lack of quality soil, as well as GMO seeds, and lack of Organic and biodynamic practices of agriculture.  Most of our meat supply is from factory farms and animals fed horrendous things as well as loaded with growth hormones and drugs, taint our systems.

We need to look at our food sources we choose to buy from and feed our families.  Sticking with organic as much as possible, or looking at EWG website for their Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen lists of foods that have been tested and have lower amounts of pesticides and chemicals, will help.  

Here are my 8 Tips for Boosting Your Immune System and Mental Wellbeing:

  1. Sleep!!! Full 8 hours for adults and 10-12 for children. Most important of all in my opinion. Quality sleep has been proven to help balance our hormones and aid in overall health. In this unbelievable situation right now, many folks are in fight or flight mode, with their cortisol levels too high and remaining in this state of mind for too long effects health and body’s ability to fight off disease. Balancing our fears and worries is much easier when our minds and bodies have been properly rested and restored after steady, good sleep.  This is a must for all of us.  It is hard to make rational decisions and good choices when we are sleep deprived. I’ve found that 5 HTP and melatonin help, as well as a warm cup of tea or golden milk, and less screen time a very minimum of an hour before bedtime. A dark room without a TV and no electronic devices in bedroom anywhere. Even eating a few pistachios before bedtime can be helpful for some.

2. Eat as much whole foods as possible (meaning vegetables and fruits (preferably organic). If you are not vegan or vegetarian, choose healthy sourced meats like wild caught seafood, 100% grass fed beef, pasture raised and organic poultry and pastured raised, cage free organic eggs. With stocking up on foods and availability being a concern, processed and packaged foods may be a little hard to avoid, as well as fast foods.  Yet, we can still choose the best options out of limited choice. I would first look at ingredients, and if you can’t pronounce it and the list is too long for comfort, maybe pass that item up.  Also, next on the label is the amount of sugar.  I’d suggest choosing unsweetened items as much as possible and then add fruit, dates, maple syrup, honey, or your choice of natural sweetener.  Avoid MSG, which has a book full of different names they disguise this ingredient with, avoid GMOs, and carrageenan. 

3. Avoid as much sugar as possible- I won’t say eliminate it completely because it is like an addiction and also an ingredient in almost all we eat, including take out, packaged and processed foods. Also, try not to add too much extra sugar to your intake and substitute with more natural sugars, I stated in Tip #2 above. Sugar is one of the biggest culprits of bad health.  Aside from the obvious obesity and diabetes, sugar is known to cause inflammation, which is how all disease begins.  Sugar is also more addictive than cocaine. (studies shown in rats this to be true). Sugar also feeds cancer cells.  Many people have helped themselves with their health problems by eliminating sugar completely.  That is very extreme for some to even imagine, so just take little steps toward lowering the intake of sugar. The list goes on, so try to do your best and although it is still sugar, natural substitutes and rotation can help. Sugar also suppresses the immune system.

4. Go outside. Breathe fresh air and focus on your breathing. Deep, long, slow breaths. In my sessions with clients, we always begin with breathing exercises. Very simple to do and helps ground and also bring about calmness. It’s good to teach children too.  Through the nose, breathe in slowly to the count of 5. Hold to the count of 5. Then, exhale through your mouth to the count of 5. Repeat at least 3 times. This is detoxing and cleansing for your lungs and blood. Good strong, healthy lungs is imperative at this time, and always. While outside, move your body. Walking is great, stretching, yoga, or anything you enjoy. Tabata exercise only takes 4 minutes, done in the morning for best results. It only takes 4 minutes!!!  Google tabata and start an easy habit that only takes 4 minutes a day.

5. Write daily at least 7 things your are grateful for. Focusing on gratitude can help lessen fear and worry. Gratitude journaling has been practiced for years and can be beneficial for your mental wellbeing and focus.  Our vibration matches our thoughts. If we focus on things that we are thankful for and our blessings, we attract more of that.  It keeps trickling until we feel better in a given moment.  These tools can help during anxiety attacks, as well as heightened nervousness, stress, worry, and fear.  We need to keep balance. I am not saying to avoid the stresses and worries and fears we are all feeling. A good gauge to help keep us focused and intentional on what we DO WANT, instead of what we don’t want.

Again, focusing on and using our words to express what we DO WANT instead of what we don’t want, helps move us toward a better feeling and that in turn empowers us to feel more in control of what we can manage.  We may not be able to control a lot of these circumstances going on right now, yet, the good news is-NO ONE HAS CONTROL OF OUR OWN MINDS, HEARTS, AND THOUGHTS.  We make and create our own realities and truths.  And that leads us into what we feed our minds and choose to listen to and surround ourselves with.  Sensor what you watch, read, and even who you listen to.  That will be one of the most important ways to keep your mental well being in top condition.

6. Touch. With being isolated from most of the population, family, and friends, touch is essential. Hug loved ones more in your home. Massage each other. Massage yourself with dry brush before getting in shower or tub. Massage yourself with oil before getting out of shower/tub. We need to FEEL at this time. Humans need healthy touch.

7. Reach out to others however works best for you and connect. Offer help in ways you can at this time. Being of service is magical, in my opinion. It spreads and can help with connection and feeling of belonging and community. One of our human basic needs. Also, ask for help if you need it. Receiving is in balance with giving. This will help create a sense of peace and being of service usually makes both ends feel worthy.

8. Forgive. Yourself and others. We are all at a heightened peak of emotions at this time and it’s so easy to divide and separate and that is NOT where we find peace. We all, myself included, need to be able to step back and open our eyes, ears, minds, and especially our hearts right now. We can lead and we can learn at the same time. I am being humbled every day by others who love me or challenge me or piss me off… We also have to lower our expectations of others, and especially of ourselves. There are many memes going around on social media platforms saying to the effect that if you don’t come out of this quarantine with something to show, you’re a time waster.  Yet, some just need to work on surviving, others are struggling to extents we may never comprehend.  Suicides are becoming more of a problem and we need to keep in mind we are all on separate journeys that no one else can comprehend.  Comparing isn’t helpful in any means, and being understanding and open and compassionate toward this entire situation is what we all need right now.  We are the examples for the future and the little ones watch how we cope and deal in situations and learn how to be from our example, not our words.  

Most of all, if you are struggling or just too frustrated or know of someone having difficulty, we need to remember we are ALL ONE, in this together and only as strong as our weakest link.

In my beliefs, we are each individually responsible for our own individual health, no one else is.  We have treated our bodies and health with as much respect as our body shows at this time.  It’s never too late to make changes in whatever ways we can.  Take one step at a time, and do what works best for you, and always reach out for help if it gets to be too much.  The more you help, the more help that will be there for you as well.  It’s all the circle of life and we’re all in this together and LOVE, COMPASSION, and TAKING PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN HEALTH is what is going to help bring peace and a healthier and happier EARTH. 

Please feel free to comment below or reach out to me through this website or follow me on FB or instagram with links at the bottom of this page.

As always, my blessing and best wishes for Health and Happiness and for all to feel LOVED~Antoinette

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