Vegan Mexican Rice Family Recipe~(aka Nana Rice)

6 Simple Steps:

1 1/2 c organic white rice (I use basmati)-rinsed 3X

3 c clean water

3 T cold pressed organic olive oil

2 1/2 T organic tomato paste (or 3 1/2 T tomato sauce)

1 T sea salt(or Himalayan)-to taste*

4 cloves sliced organic garlic (minimum- I love lots)

1 t organic black pepper

1-In frying pan (medium heat), add oil, garlic, rice, salt and pepper. Let brown. Rice will be more solid white, while stirring, so it doesn’t burn.

2-once rice is browning, add tomato paste/or sauce. Stir in and then add water while stirring.

3-let mixture come to a boil. At this point, it’s best to sample the liquid for taste. If it tastes like a good soup flavor-excellent! If not, add a bit more salt to your liking.

4-lower heat to minimum and put lid on top to finish cooking.

5-let cook for about 25 min. You can check to make sure consistency is perfect. If not, put lid back on and cook another 5 minutes or so.

6-Rice is done! Fluff up and serve.

This should make enough for 6-7 good servings. If any leftovers, can refrigerate for about 4 days and warm up for other meals. Or make burritos with leftovers and refrigerate or freeze for another meal!

This is also a great dish to bring for potlucks or to add to a Mexican feast!

Enjoy! Please let me know how yours turned out and if you made any changes? This was my mother in law’s spanish rice recipe tweaked into a vegan and organic version. She is no longer with us, yet her legacy lives on. She always had lots of good food made with love for us to enjoy!

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