7 Stages of Childhood Obesity & Beyond

I was just recently asked my thoughts on what factors I thought contributed to the shift in children’s health and childhood obesity.  This happens to be a passion of mine, so my thoughts are endless. I’ve narrowed it down to 7 stages that I believe can be factors that add up to this dilemma.  Of course, this is just my opinion, and there are many more factors to take into consideration, yet, it has to be addressed and some intentional action taken before this becomes a norm and okay with society.

Of course it starts at home, and with that said there are many more pieces to the puzzle than just pointing a finger.  Many parents were not taught healthy choices and ways to raise a healthy child.  Our food supply, and environment and government do not support nor make it easy to choose wisely.  The profits are very slim to none, to a have a healthy society.  Doctors, pharmaceuticals, and big corporations make trillions of dollars off unhealthy people.  Politicians get paid by these greedy for-profit corporations, and laws getting made by those who are paid off and bought out.  There are many movies to watch to enlighten you more to this type of empire that has taken over our health system and crept into the homes of those less fortunate to have all the information they need to make their own informed decisions.  The choices are endless, and the issues go on too deep for me to touch here on this topic.  So, I’ve tried to narrow this down to 7 simple stages to at least begin to start looking at our children’s health and the future of our children’s children.

My mission in life is to help inform as many parents as possible, who want to be more informed and know ways they can help bring into this world and raise healthy, happy babies.

And that brings me to Stage 1, conception and pregnancy.  It all starts right here!!  Most people don’t realize how this is the beginning physically-not speaking of past lineage and generations back. We’ll start right here.  This is where so many new parents get misguided and confused on what is the right path for them.  These 9-10 months are crucial to the baby’s development on many levels.  Of course, the mother needs to eat as healthy as possible.  The mother also needs to be able to follow her own intuition and gut feelings at this time.  Doctors and almost everyone else love to give advice and sometimes even bully a new mom into following their advice.

Remember, we need to look at who we decide to take advice from and what their intent is and how they may profit.  Is your health and well-being at heart or some other agenda?  Some ‘well-meaners’ give advice to help justify how they did things and may not have had best results.  This time frame gives new parents time to explore birth choices and effects their choices will have on their babies.

Not everyone will opt to have a natural, home birth, free of drugs, unnecessary medical interventions, circumcisions, and all the other things that parents can get pressured into, that actually rack up your bill or your insurance company’s bill to an indecent amount.  Too many caesareans are done out of convenience or faulty equipment or pressure from doctors, or wanting to speed up labor and delivery, too many drugs, pain killers, and toxins injected into mom and baby.  Too many unnecessary procedures that for centuries we have been able to do without and have healthy babies.

This leads into Stage 2, labor and birth.  With all these above mentioned things going on, the microbiome is disrupted in the baby’s body and can lead to many gut issues and problems.  Add in all the toxins that have been injected and put into the baby directly or through the mother’s bloodline, is now challenged.  If there is a c-sect, the baby doesn’t get to naturally pass through the vaginal canal and get a good dose of all the natural bacteria needed in the baby’s system.  Mother Nature made no mistakes in the beginning of time and our bodies were made to work perfectly and everything was for a reason.

Our breasts, are to feed and nourish our babies.  So many moms and babies may be too drugged up and sluggish to be able to have the latch on and then formula is given away free at the hospital to coax families into going this route.  That’s when we add more stress on the baby’s system.  They now have to digest and process this over processed non human food.  Then starts eczema, allergies, gas, colic, and many more problems.  Breastmilk is a natural immune booster and better than any vaccine full of toxic ingredients that start to cause many more stresses on the system.  Then, if a baby is circumcised, all the trauma and pain put on his body and brain, and damages that causes…it just goes on and on.

Things that are very personal and controversial, yet so very damaging to the poor little babies being born into a world full of pain at the very first breaths of life.

Being informed of all these damaging effects, is not only our duty and responsibility as parents to love and protect our babies, it is what is going to start making people more aware of being in control of having healthy children.  It is our decision, still at this point, to make wise and informed choices for the benefit of our children.

All that said, you need to be well-informed and equipped with the information to be able to stand against major bullying by doctors, nurses, and even family members.  When people start to question and think for themselves and gather information to make better decisions than what they have been lead to believe, that is when our children will start being healthier.

Stage 3 is the journey through babyhood.  We already touched on how much healthier breast milk is for a growing baby and their gut and digestive system, and if the baby is always going to the doctor for every little thing/worry, and prescribed tons of antibiotics, meds, and more shots.  Once again, a bit too much for their system.

Stage 4 is being a toddler.  Once they start to eat more solid foods, the choices become endless.  Many folks may even buy ‘organic’ jars and squeeze packages of foods thinking they will be healthier for the baby.  And yes, no pesticides and non-GMO’s are best for baby.  Yet, processed foods, whether organic or not, are still processed.  Which means man/science has interfered and there are preservatives and additives in these foods. A toddler’s system should be pure still and now the foods they eat, preferably organic, yet, most importantly, whole foods.  That means, real food. Not out of a jar, plastic, or package.  These little things start to add up, and tax their system even more.  Avocados, bananas, yams, sweet potatoes, squash, fruit, steamed veggies, and all mashed up are the best ways to go to start out their weaning from breastmilk to real food.  Their digestion needs it all mashed up to be able to digest properly.  A gassy, colicky, and constipated baby is not normal.  Their bodies are telling you their food is not working for their system.  (or if they are on meds, shots, other pollutants, that can be damaging too).  Even things that are put on their bodies topically go straight to their bloodstream.  All real natural notions should be used, if any.

These baby companies make so much money off parents who don’t even really need a lot of the stuff they put on the shelves.  Again, Mother Nature knew what she was doing and grew all that we needed, too.

We venture to Stage 5, and that is childhood.  By now, if not properly nourished inside and out, the child may now be labeled with all sorts of different results from previous choices made. Asthma and  allergies can become a big problem, along with a host of many other issues.  Add in a drive through Mc Donalds and a soda here and there, and we have hit the pinnacle.  Childhood diabetes was never even a things a handful of years back, and now it has replaced Diabetes Type 2.  Kids these days eat more food out of packages and fast food joints, than home cooked meals.  And if they eat at home, processed frozen, canned, and microwaved food takes place of real home cooked meals.

Somewhere in between Stages 2-5, sadly enough, kids and even babies have cell phones, ipads, and technology in front of them already. This is more dire than the ‘peace of mind’ parents are looking for in these ‘new-age’ babysitter/entertainers. Not only in brain developmental problems, it’s also creating a generation of isolated and inactive children. Later, couch potato and video game playing addictions take place of fresh air and friends. Snacking becomes their buddy, and mostly packaged and sugary foods.

The habits are being formed and formulated for their life now.  It will be so much harder to change from what they started out with, and if they are now handicapped with health problems already, no amount of karate classes, team sports, or any exercise is going to remedy the sugar addiction.  Sugar is in almost everything from the packaged food, frozen food, fast food, and so on.  Sodas are just a big, fat NO!!!  Children should NOT drink soda!

Stage 6 is now into the Teen years.  So many teens I have over my house are starving.  They are always so hungry and don’t seem to be fed at home.  They are on budgets, and seem to eat the cheapest food they can find, when they do eat.  Candy also seems to be a fast choice.  So many teens with acne and problems all show their food choices are not whole, real foods.  This is because they have normally not grown up eating as healthy as needed, and are used to quick, convenient and cheap food.  The microwave is an enemy to healthy food.  It breaks down the molecular structure of food and turns it into whatever?!

By now, sleep habits have also been formed. Most people and children included, do not get adequate and quality sleep. With pressures in school and overloaded with homework and stress, teens are at risk for so many more health problems and hormonal imbalances when lack of sleep is added to the equation. Good, solid, quality sleep is important on so many levels, including health and a balanced life in many areas. This dirty little habit of foregoing quality sleep usually continues into adulthood.

And now, we are at Stage 7, adulthood.  Trying to lose weight can be close to impossible at this point.  So many folks have created habits that are so hard to change and their bodies have been conditioned to survive and not thrive, at this point.  If they’ve drank soda growing up, it’s almost as bad an addiction to stop, than drugs and alcohol.  Studies have been shown that it is harder for rats to quit sugar, than cocaine.  Sugar is a real weapon and what has gotten out of control to the point of people preferring to stay unhealthy and overweight, than be able to give up sugar.  Some overweight people exercise more than some thin people, and now it gets baffling.

There are remedies and ways to get healthy, and if those choices weren’t made, there are steps to take from here.  These 7 Stages I lay out are not to point the finger at those who chose other ways, and those who had no choice, or felt they had no choice, it is to encourage those who are on the path and exploring options and want to go down a healthier path and just don’t have the guidance or information yet.

This is to hopefully help invoke thought and help people question things and start to think beyond what they were told or lead to believe.  Our nation is at a health crisis like never before and we have to face reality and look at what could be the cause.  We need to question who is benefitting from this situation and how we can be empowered to take our health into our own hands and make better and more informed decisions.

I’ve watched babies die, literally, and tried to coach parents to look at possibilities of how and why this may have happened, and some people prefer to be right, than happy.  That is ok for them, we all live our lives as we wish, and choose what we believe is best for our family.  I am not here to change anyone who is not ready and doesn’t want other options.  I stand here, in my best, offering what has worked for me, and what I’ve studied for years, and what I know and have seen works.  I am here for parents who want more and want to know more and want to make the choice to raise healthy and happy children, to help ripple into a healthier world and future.

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